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  1. What are the papers that are regarded as the attachments of the contract and which must be brought by the customer? In which duration these papers must be delivered?

    - For individuals: National Passport (Original), when available а wedding certificate.

    - For corporate clients: National Registration Certificate (copy or an original), charter (copy or an original), statement of the directorial position, protocol of the directorial hiring or the trusting identity, every page of the agreement has to be certified with a signature and a seal.

  2. I have decided (I am thinking) to buy an apartment in “Bosfor Stroy”, which papers should be provided to the sales office?

    For an individual: the conclusion of the state registration of the contract is carried out by RUE "Mogilev Agency for State registration and land cadaster" (at: Mogilev, Ezerskaya Str., d. 4A) in the presence of the registrar. The state fee, the cost of certification and preparation of the contract is paid by the Buyer;

    - For a corporate client: after the signing parties sign the contract the buyer is obliged within 2 (two) business days to submit this agreement to the RUE "Mogilev Agency for State registration and land cadaster" for state registration and in one (1) business day to notify the Seller about the registration of the contract.

  3. Is there a facility of discount if I buy an apartment in cash or more than one apartment from “Bosfor Stroy” Project?

    We have a discount system up to 10% depending on a payment plan, you can get detailed information about this visiting the sales office.

  4. I am a foreigner; can I buy an apartment in the project

    Based on the Belorussian constitution, a foreign citizen has the right to own real estate in the territory of Belarus.

  5. Can I buy an apartment on behalf of the company?

    Based on the Belorussian constitution, both Belarusian and foreign companies have the right to own real estate in the territory of Belarus.

  6. Is it possible to purchase an apartment at

    " Bosfor Stroy” offers you a 5 years’ internal credit, you can get more detailed information about the offer at the sales office.

  7. Is it possible to see the apartment project

    Any interested person may visit apartment by coming to the office/ In addition, you can see sample photos of apartments on our website

  8. Can I get price information about “Bosfor Stroy” project?

    “Bosfor Stroy Sales Consultant will provide detailed information on the following number: +375 (222) 405000. By visiting Bosfor Stroy sales office you will have opportunity to receive detailed presentation on the project as well as the unit type customer is interested in.

  9. How can I get information on sales of the

    Visit the sales office of "Bosfor Stroy", our sales staff will provide all the detailed information to select the appropriate apartment requirements based on your requirements.

Sales office

  1. Please indicate how to contact the sales office

    You can contact the sales office of “Bosfor Stroy” at the following number: +375 (222) 405000

  2. Please specify the working hours of the sales office at

    Sales Office works seven days a week, from 10:00 to 19:00 hours.

  3. Can I get information on sales of the

    Sales information is available only in the sales office of the " Bosfor Stroy."

Design project

  1. How many elevators will be in the complex?

    The complex has 2 elevators manufactured in Europe by "Dopler". handles up to 1,000 kg.

  2. How is the matter of Fire security executed in the complex?

    Apartments are equipped with evacuation " Samospas " smoke and fire warning alerts.

  3. Is there any gas in the complex?

    No, there is no gas in the complex. On the basis of the SNB 3.02.04-03 "Residential buildings " p. 7.15 installment in apartments gas cooker is allowed in homes with a mark of floor level of the top floor of the roadway nearest to the house of travel not more than 26.5 meters.

  4. Is the project "Bosfor Stroy" equipped with parking spaces?

    "Bosfor Stroy " provides underground parking as well as the space for outdoor parking for guests.

  5. When buying an apartment in the project "Bosfor Stroy“, who is responsible for buying electricity meters, water and natural gas?

    When buying an apartment in the project " Bosfor Stroy " note that you do not have to buy electricity meters, water and heating as well as their installation is done by the company.

  6. Is there an online project "Bosfor Stroy”?

    Yes, the project is optically equipped.

  7. Is there a fire alarm button in the project of "Bosfor Stroy"?

    The project is equipped with a fire alarm system.

  8. How many elevators are in the project?

    Project " Bosfor Stroy" is equipped with two foreign made elevators.

  9. What is the area of the apartments of the "Bosfor Stroy"?

    The apartments of the "Bosfor Stroy" start from 49 square meters increasing to 190 square meters.

  10. How many apartments are in the project of "Bosfor Stroy”?

    Project " Bosfor Stroy " consists of 83 apartments:

  11. How many rooms are available in the apartments of “Bosfor Stroy”?

    In " Bosfor Stroy " there are apartments with 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7 rooms. All of the apartments have balconies.

  12. How many Entries/ Exits will be the project have?

    The complex will have two Entrance / Exits.


  1. How to find the sales office of the “Bosfor Stroy”? Is there any transport on which I can get there?

    Sales office is located on Jakubowski str. (" Green Grove ") sprinter/bus N: 8, 10, 12, 20, 23, 26, 34, 37, 43

Construction equipment

  1. What is the construction system of the apartments?

    We have a system of reinforced concrete frame.

  2. What is the system of the foundation?

    Bored piles with a depth of 8 to 10 meters.

  3. What type of concrete foundation does the “Bosfor Story” have?

    For the construction of the foundation will have used the concrete with high resistance of 25/30 category.