Taking care of your emotional ballance!

Taking into account the fact of modern daily life being filled with gray colors, dust, dirt, pollution and other “city charm”, Bosfor Story is aiming for our projects to be located nearby the green areas, which are the right source of the fresh air, positive energy and emotional balance. There is Pecherski Park 20 meters away from the project, which extends over 337 hectares and offers our residents possibility to enjoy its delights. Scenery created by the nature, provides peaceful, natural environment, which by all means will affect positively on your daily mood. Clean air, local nature, sports grounds – there is everything here to make you feel comfortable and keep your mind in peace. The lack of playgrounds for children is an acute problem for all parents living in Belarus. Due to this, this is a perfect place for you and your children to enjoy a day out right at your door whenever needed, without the trouble of transportation and a long journey.