Taking care of your emotional ballance!

Bosfor Stroy - is always on the watch for your comfort. Comfort of our inhabitants is a high priority task for the company, hence we have overseen the possibility of supplying these services. We are sure that the inhabitants will appreciate the incomparable living environment.

Security of the Complex

Description and specifications

Feel Secure at Bosfor Stroy. For each of us security of the apartment and outdoor area is necessary and very important.

"Bosfor Stroy " has a number of priorities, safety and security system is one of the top ones. We will be providing security service group of professionals will provide security service equipped with the modern European standard systems. A concierge service is also taken care of for the inhabitants.

Cleaning of the complex

Description and specifications

Bosfor Stroy is not just an apartment complex, it’s a complex that cares for your comfort. That is why we will take care of your environment to save your time and energy. The company will be providing cleaning of the complex exterior, entrance halls and elevators.