Who We Are

When you get to know Bosfor – Stroy you realise, that you’ve discovered one of the most dynamically developing construction companies in Mogilev. Company Bosfor – Stroy is a representative of a large international holding, which has more than 20 years of experience in various kinds of construction sectors as well as tourism and food services.

Bosfor Stroy is bringing you projects that are fit for living or commercial purposes, with a spectacular surroundings in the city. It should be noted that Bosfor – Stroy only invests its own capital in their project development, no external funding is brought in. Company dedicates its time not only to the most precise details of the construction, but also to the creation of the comfortable living and working environment.

Within the projects of the company apartments are in the segment of “comfort”, also accommodated with retail-office centres in the perspective and quickly developing neighbourhood of Sputnik (Yabokovskogo Str.). We are the ones who build those complexes as well as the ones who provide a wide range of services in the matter of real estate purchasing. Clients of Bosfor-Stroy have the most in depth information about their perspective purchase from our representative, guaranteeing the fact that we truly understand the trust you put in us and appreciate it.

Company Bosfor- Stroy carries out the daily work based the international practice. Here implemented quality system is a guarantee for comfort and high quality services which confidence of the customer. Bosfor Stroy constantly upgrades their employees’ professional training and development. The company has developed and refined the customer service. Established the terms of service which doing the service more effective and timely.

Ongoing Projects


Units with the view on the future!

In the central location of Mogilev city construction of the 22 floor building has been completed. Location of this project is the guarantee of living in the green, ecologically clean area. The living house is an example of the best combination of refined architecture and European quality. The problem of safe parking becomes more and more acute in Mogilev, which creates quite a discomfort for the car owners.

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Жилой комплекс N32

Престижность и преимущество жилого комплекса обуславливается его географическим местонахождением. Жилой комплекс находится в уникальном месте в нескольких минутах ходьбы от Печерского лесопарка. Территория застройки располагается на равнинной местности, обеспечивая жильцам красивые, панорамные, сменяющиеся в зависимости от времен года, виды. 

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